Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elizabeth's July re-cap and August List

Let's go over how August finished off.

  1. Muir for my sister-in-law (ravlink)(bloglink) / Christmas and Q3Challenge / September 30 / Notes: Using up stash yarn / FINISHED! I still needs to be blocked, and so I will post photos then ^_^ Yay!

  2. Bridesmaid scarf (ravlink) / Wedding / September 2009 / Notes: Each bridesmaid is getting something different, and this is the first of five / Frogged it. Starting over.

  3. Neck Warmer for Rin (ravlink) / Random / FINISHED!

  4. Woodland Shawl (ravlink) / Recipient: Myself / Q3Challenge / September 30 / Notes: I didn't even start it. I had better get on it though!

September List!

1. Gift Item: Bridesmaid Victorian Lace scarf (ravlink)
Recipient: Kim, fiancé's sister
Occasion: Wedding
Deadline: September 2009
Notes: Made some progress, and then decided to start over. The new pattern is called Victorian Ruby (rav link) and can be found in Victorian Lace Today. It's a fantastic book, and I'm really enjoying kitting this piece. I finished the first section yesterday, and made good progress on the center panel.

2. Gift Item: Woodland Shawl (ravlink)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Q3Challenge
Deadline: September 30
Notes: I had better do this! Good thing the victorian lace project (above) is going so quickly! I think with this project I won't have enough time to do anything else, so the socks will have to wait until November.

3. Gift Item: Hat Attack (website)
Recipient: Target
Occasion: crazy swap thing
Deadline: September 16
Notes: The contest starts september 16th, and it's a "kill or be killed" thing. Lol. Fun times!


Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Your list has some great items on it! I love the color choices too!
That fuzzy neckwarmer looks so cozy - nice work!!

suzenew said...

That scarf looks great. I look forward to seeing more of your lace projects.