Thursday, September 11, 2008

Elizabeth's September List and Completed Q3Challenge

Okay, August went by WAY too fast. It was a blur of activity. I did manage to finish a few items, and I think I'm done the Q3 Challenge. Woo!
  1. Muir for my sister-in-law (ravlink)(bloglink) / Christmas and Q3Challenge / September 30 / Notes: Using up stash yarn / FINISHED and blocking as we speak. YAY!

  2. Bridesmaid scarf (ravlink) / Wedding / September 2009 / Notes: Each bridesmaid is getting something different, and this is the first of five / FINISHED! Started over, and finished in record time! It still needs to be blocked, you'll get more photos then.

September List!

1. Gift Item: Woodland Shawl (ravlink)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: me!
Deadline: N/A
Notes: I have yarn just waiting to be knit up!

2. Gift Item: Hat Attack (website)
Recipient: Target
Occasion: crazy swap thing
Deadline: September 16
Notes: The contest starts september 16th, and it's a "kill or be killed" thing. Lol. Fun times!

3. Gift Item: Socks (ravlink)
Recipient: Mom
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 25-2008
Notes: Mom requested some warm woolly socks, and that's what she'll get!

Q3Challenge Complete!

1. Make something Old: Slippers for dad (ravlink)
Recipient: Dad
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 25-2008

2. Make something New: Victorian Scarf (ravlink)
Recipient: Kim
Occasion: Bridesmaid Gift
Deadline: September 2009

3. Make something Special Just For You: Arbor (ravlink)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Q3Challenge
Deadline: September 2009

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Sutherland Family Life said...

LeAnn, thank you for your sweet comments. I am so encouraged that your daughter is doing so well! Praise the Lord! Thank you, also, for your prayers!

By the way, beautiful crochet. If I had time, it definitely would be something I would like to take up sometime!

God Bless,