Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good to be back

Sorry that I did not post to close out July but I really did not have anything to report. However, August has been a more productive month and I am on my way to completing all of my Q3 items. So here is my update:

For my Q3 challenge,

1. Something old was to complete the socks I am making for A. When the challenge started I had completed one sock. I am now working on the foot of the second sock and expect to be done this weekend.
ali socks

2. Something new was to make hats and scarfs for a charity drive for homeless veterans. I completed 7 items during the Ravelympics so I have this part of the challenge done!
hatscarfone row scarf bf hatso called scarfhatIMG_8388

3. Item three is something for me and I have started on a tank top for myself that is about 1/3 done, so after I finish the socks, I will be knitting furiously on that.
beginning of tank top

That should be enough to keep me busy through September, though I hope to complete a few more charity items AND to finally pick out yarn and a pattern to make a sweater for DH.

Happy fall knitting everyone!


Anna said...

excellent work emily, thnx for visiting my blog, anna :) ps I got to go surf your blog some more, you have nice things here.

roentarre said...

Wonderful lacework and they are all well captured

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

What excellent progress! Cheering you on for a Q3 Challenge finish!