Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Wrap-Up, with a whole lotta FOs

I'm working on my very first pair of gloves with fingers. I'm knitting a picot edged pair of gloves for my mother in law to-be, and I'm very excited about them. The yarn is a mix of merino wool and silk, and they're really warm and soft. I'm sure she'll love them. Christmas knitting has been plugging along. I've made it really far down my list, and think that I can get a few more done yet before Christmas.

I already have knits done for my parents, my brother and his fiancée, my niece Emma, and my future father-in-law. I'm working on a secret project for my fiancé and have so far been able to keep it a secret from him, and would love to make a pair of mittens for his brother and his brother's wife. A pair of mittens for me wouldn't hurt either.

As of last night, I finished my goals for October.

October Wrap Up:

1. Gift Item: Llama Striped Hat for my brother, Joel (ravlink)
Pattern: Turn A Square Hat by Jared Flood (free pattern)
Progress: I finished this hat in record time. I think I started it on the last day of September, and it was done by the following evening. COMPLETED Oct 1

2. Gift Item: Baby Jacket for my new niece, Emma (ravlink)
Pattern: Buttons Hat and Jacket from Naturally Yarns
Progress: The jacket went surprisingly quickly, and the hat too. I had to wait a few weeks for the buttons to arrive, but once they did, they were adorable! COMPLETED Oct 13

3. Gift Item: Simple Hat for my FFIL, Gerry (ravlink)
Pattern: Jacques Cousteau Hat by Typy (free pattern)
Progress: Another really quick-knit. The yarn is from knit picks, and it's a big, warm hat. I know he'll love it. COMPLETED Oct 12

4. Gift Item: Embroidered Gloves for my FFMIL, Diane (ravlink)
Pattern: Cashmere Picot Edged Gloves by Insaknitty (direct PDF download link)
Progress: These took longer than the others. The picot edging on the first glove took forever but once I figured out the picot, I was much happier. after the edging, they went quickly enough. doing the fingers were a lot of fun, since I'd never done them before, and I learned some embroidery!

5. Gift Item: Striped Hat for my Fiancé, Chris (ravlink)
Pattern: Fibonacci Pea Cap by Lisa Bennett (free pattern)
Progress: Chris keeps complaining about being cold, and I've never knit him anything before. So, I went and bought a skein of some lovely alpaca, used up some scrap yarn, and made him a warm hat. This hat is very loosely based on the pattern above, but I didn't really follow it at all. This item wasn't on my original list. COMPLETED Oct 24

6. Gift Item: Mittens for FFSIL, Anik (ravlink)
Pattern: Picot Edged Mittens by Carolyn (free pattern)
Progress: These were fun to make, and a really easy pattern. Instead of seaming the cuff, I'm attaching buttons that I bought on Etsy. I'll post photos when it's done. This wasn't on my original list either. COMPLETED Oct 24


KimT said...

love everything! especially the baby jacket.

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Liz those needles must be on FIRE.
You should feel really proud of this line-up!