Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Q3 Challenge Winner is....

LIZ! (aka riizu)

Her challenge finishes are so well knit and they are great inspiration for gifting:

Something old:

Something new (and blue!):

...and something special for her too!

You can find project details for these at this Ravelry link.

Congratulations Liz!!! I'll be in touch soon about your prizes - I'll spoil the hint now though :)
You'll be receiving 10 balls of really great yarn from our sponsor
Webs and an autographed cartoon from Franklin Habit over at The Panopticon blog!

I also want to say WAY TO GO to our other challengers Ceylan, JavaNut, Kimberly, poochita, Spiraling, and suzenew. You all made excellent gifts and I hope you're enjoying what you've made for yourself.


KimT said...

Congrats Liz!

suzenew said...

Congrats to Liz and thank you Marce for this challenge - it was fun to do and I got something nice for me too!