Monday, December 15, 2008

december FIFTEENTH!!!

i can't believe that it is sooooo close to the end of the year. and i also can't believe that i didn't update my November list. well... actually i can. i didn't do very much. there was a hat and scarf set that i didn't take a pic of before i sent it off, and a watchcap for a friend of mine that i did get a pic of.

it was very hard to send this off, as it is quite warm and comfortable.

other than that, i have been chugging along trying to get as many special olympics scarves done as i could by today. i will be sending them out tomorrow! i am happy to know that i finished eight! i can't believe that i finished six scarves in two and a half months! (two i started before the challenge)

i don't really know what it is about the special olympic that got me fired up, but it sure did! and i am glad it did, too!

i hope everyone's holidays are going well, and that all the things that were made throughout the year are well appreciated!

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Barbara said...

great job on your scarves! they look like they would keep one very warm.