Thursday, January 1, 2009

FO: Wrist Pillow for Dad

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A couple of years ago I made several of the "Earthy Computer Mouse Pad Wrist Pillows created by Jennifer Tallapaneni, and I gave them as gifts. But I didn't give one to my Dad. (At least, I don't *think* I did. If I did, oops.)

I know Mom was asking a while back if I could make one for the computer she shares with Dad. I figured Dad would like that as a gift. He spends the most time there.

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Even if I have given one to him before, this one is nicer. I used some of the leftover Malabrigo Worsted in "Red Java" that I used for the Malabrigo Mini Mitts. I probably used less than a quarter of a skein. I still have plenty leftover for another project.

I also used my US Size 5 Brittany Needles.

I think I didn't cut the cardboard perfectly, so the bottom is a little wonky. But it does the job.

When I visit my parents, I'll have to see if this is getting used.

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