Friday, January 4, 2008

Moukin's January List

Whew...well, no better time to start, right? I hope it's okay that most of my first list is for one recipient. She has a baby shower on January 12 and I'm hoping to get at least one hat+sock set and one set of booties finished in time. Possibly a second hat+sock set.

Gift Item / Recipient / Occasion

1. (finished!) Noro Hat (Patons SWS) / Hubby / Late Christmas gift

2. (WIP) Matching Hat and Socks #1(rainbow regia)/ Shada / Baby Shower Jan 12 (Hunca Munca in the stockinette version and Cat Eared Baby Hat but without the ears and with a ribbed band)

3. (finished!) Saartje's Bootees (Lorna's Laces) / Shada/ Baby Shower Jan 12

4. Matching Hat and Socks #2(jacquard regia) / Shada/ Baby Shower Jan 12 **if time permits** (same patterns as above)

5. Begin an afghan made from squares to knit throughout the year / Mom and Dad / Christmas 2008

If I don't get a second baby set done before Jan 12 I'll move on to the afghan squares. I need to decide which afghan, but I'm considering the Cascading Leaves Afghan from Lionbrand.

I'm planning a break between the baby sets and the afghan squares to knit myself socks when I take the train to Chicago for the baby shower....unless I have to get desperate and use my train time to finish the baby stuff. ;)

edit: Edited to change the Hat & socks set from the Shadow Stripes set to the two separate hat & socks patterns, which worked better for the yarn I have. Also updated finished projects.

I'll post FO photos after the baby stuff is gifted, because the recepient is on my Flickr friend list. Gotta keep the surprise! :)

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BrownBerry said...

Very nice choices!! I really like that afghan (tempting, hmmmm) I think that will qualify for a finished gift AND a year long project.

Great start!