Sunday, December 30, 2007

My gift list

Thank you for allowing me to join :-)

My gift list thus far is looking like this:
1. I want to finish: "Rude", a sweater for my son with a very big cable in it... hence the name. It is for his birthday (April 6)
2. I want to cast on for me: 1 pair of socks - for my birthday (Feb 21)
3. Finish sweater for my youngest in green, for his birthday (March 20)
4. Finish "Hotchpotch", as I am working on the second mitten
5. Cast on a pair of socks for my husband (March 13)
6. Publish new patterns in 3rd issue of Clipper Knit Works (Feb 15 deadline)

All the best for 2008 though.

1 comment:

BrownBerry said...

Good job Bianca - way to get your list out there. I like that you have things on there for you too - smart! Keep track of the dates you need to have these finished so you can let me know. Each finish qualifies you for a prize drawing entry.