Friday, December 28, 2007

My Jan. List-subject to change of course

My Jan. list is this:

Hairdressers-knit 1 of 3 HAIRDRESSER themed dishcloths
Dtr./nlaws-knit FROG themed dishcloths
BEGIN KAL for bag-never knitted a bag in my life so it may take longer than one month
Knit AFGHAN for 8 yr. old 2ND cousin in colors she chose
Knit 1 hour + hat for stepgrdson.

Continue knitting on a prayer shawl I started-may take next 2-3 months because of other commitments

KALS for the month

Stitch markers for exchange-never made them but I have the beads, pin heads, wire and rings to make them

I think this will help get ready for next year-because I am always involved in an exchange and have not knitted for me or my family

I may have to continue some of the above but as always-lists are subject to change.

God's Blessings and a very SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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