Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sitting here pondering ...

thanks for accepting me in this fun kal.

I am sitting here, knitting on Jaywalker socks while pondering what to add on my list.

1. Knitted slippers to my daughter Kristin, whose birthday is on Jan 16.
2. Posekatta, a sewn cat that holds plastic bags, for my MIL for next Christmas.
3. Table cloth, sewn for my sister Katri for next Christmas.
4. A knitted and felted bag for Kristin, next Christmas.

Have a great evening


BrownBerry said...

Hanna, you've got the right idea...if you even start these over the next couple of months you'll be in great shape for holiday gifting.

YarnMouse said...

Oh, dear! My brain is already trying to puzzle out how to make a knitted or crocheted version of that Posekatta. :) Hmm...