Thursday, December 27, 2007

Heres my partial list:)

I call this my partial list, because once I get all this done, if i still have time I will add more too it.

I have four sons and a nephew that lives in my home, soooo

Scarf hat and mitten set for all 5 boys
Sweaters for all 5 boys
2 pair of socks for all 5 boys
At least 3 knitted toys for the 4 younger boys (My oldest is 14, and I really don't think he wants a knitted elephant,lol)
4 pair of socks for my sister who also lives with me
Sweater for my sister
Scarf and mittens for my sister

Jeepers, I think I need to have another baby, I just don't have enough stuff too knit this year
hides head, giggles, crosses legs and runs like the dickens...

I have a scarf I am working on right now for a Christmas gift for next year for one of the boys, it is a chevron scarf. Probably my oldest boy. When I get that finished and my dishcloth finished, I will start working on scarf and hat sets for next year:)


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BrownBerry said...

Now that IS quite a list. Would you find it helpful to give yourself deadlines spread out over the year for each of the items? This is the easiest way for me to track those items that you complete by the deadline...and each completion gets you an entry for prizes!

I'm cheering you on to accomplish the whole list!! Your family is so lucky! :)