Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carrie's January Progress -- or not!

Here was my list for January:
  • Monkey socks / Mom / Mom's birthday / March -- Revised to Sweetheart Socks for Valentines -- WIP
  • Baby set (booties, hat, sweater) / Baby / April -- Hat done, nothing else, ROLLOVER
  • Yoga bag / MIL / MIL's birthday / March -- ROLLOVER
  • 2 socks for 2008 holiday advent calendar / December -- DONE
Not so good, eh? Doesn't help I've been really sick this past week and the kiddo has been refusing to go to bed.

The advent calendar socks are done at least! The striped sock is winged, the snowflake sock is the Flakey Baby Sock from Anny Purls. All yarns are stash -- perhaps not ideal (as in the flakes) but they work well enough for this. Yay!

Mom's socks are partway done but they're not Monkeys. Mom asked for golf club covers for her birthday, but I still really wanted to make her some socks, so I chose Sweetheart Socks instead and want to have them finished for Valentine's. I love how they look but are progressing a bit slowly! I'm actually on to the foot now.

I did one baby hat but really that was finished on New Years Eve so not sure if that counts-- more baby stuff is planned (for both myself and a few friends all due around the same time!) but haven't gotten to that yet. The pattern is the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap.

MIL gift might get pushed back or might turn into Christmas. Who knows?! And let's just not talk about my projects for myself right now!


KimT said...

love the baby hat and the socks. the socks are working up pretty! Your mom will love them.

Jennifer said...

Just darling, all of it. Nice work :)

vegasangelbrat said...

Love the baby socks, especially the snowflake one!! Really nice job on all your items. keep those needle

suzenew said...

Everything looks really beautiful, colorful and well-crafted. I think you can feel proud about all that you HAVE done.