Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finished for January; February Goals

My last finish of the month:

Woo hoo! I'm done!!

Now, on to the goals for February:
Bathtime Blossoms sets for thank you gifts, due anytime
Thorpe for son for valentines day
Thorpe for hubbo for valentines day
Malabrigo Loafers for mom for valentines day
Five stripes on my Ripple Afghan, due Christmas

Congrats to all the finishers and thanks again to Marce for coming up with this GAL!


vegasangelbrat said...

Pretty cloths! Wish I could knit, I like that loafers pattern..Congrats on being done!

Shannon said...

Love the washcloths. The lobster pattern is it on the web or in a book. Love it!