Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Felted Clogs - FO #4

My fourth FO- Felted Clogs are finally dry! I know my mother will love them...

They're a bit 'wonky' but that will work out with wearing... these were fun, but took FOREVER to felt. I'm used to one cycle thru the wash to felt bags and such... these were in the machine/agitation for just over an hour! But... it worked!

So my Jan progress so far:

Syncopation bag for tbd - Jan 31 => DONE
Felted clogs for mom - Jan 31= DONE
Rib scarf for Lisa - Feb 2 => DONE
Baby Raglan for B.E. - Jan 16 => DONE
Baby blanket/bibs for baby girl (sewing) - Feb 15

Guess I need to get out the sewing machine!

I've loved seeing everyone's projects... very motivating!
- JavaNut


vegasangelbrat said...

Well they came out just great!
I did find a crochet version of these clogs and will have them on next months list..I'll have to see how long they take to

Monacular said...

Those look great!! I have a pair that I have been wearing now for about a year...they did come out a little bit off..but they have really conformed to my feet by wearing them!! I hope your mom likes them. They look great!

Stephanie... said...

I have the pattern and the wool yarn... just haven't done anything about making them yet (my excuse is the DD feet keep growing)! What type of yarn did you use? Or do these take that long to felt no matter what the yarn?

KimT said...

WOW! Great Job! Love the clogs.

JavaNut said...

I used Cascade 220 doubled... no problems at all. I have Cascade's Eco Wool and am thinking about trying it with that, but need to figure out the gauge with the heavier yarn.

Marce aka BrownBerry said...

Way to take control of that list! Wooo hooo! :)