Tuesday, January 1, 2008

FINISHING TIPS: A recurring feature...

I'm so pleased with the momentum of this blog already. You've shown a fantastic level of enthusiasm and I know we'll build on that throughout the year.

I'm going to start a recurring post here to help keep us motivated. Every once in a while I'll post little tidbits that will help with finishing things in less time (or what will seem like less time) and with less stress. Hopefully you'll find something here that makes the difference for you between finishing and not finishing something wonderful to give.

Scarf knitting? Knit 2 at once!
Using straight or circular needles you can knit 2 scarves at one time. Change up the pattern on each to keep yourself really interested, and by the time you're done, you'll have TWO finished items out of the way. Scarves can seem to go on and on forever, but much like knitting 2 socks at once, when you're done, you've really finished something useful in what will seem like much less time!

Trade crafts with a friend.

If you're a super seamstress and you have a friend who knits like nobody's business - trade labor and get some variety in your gifting. Take some time to assess the amount of effort for each type of item (one set of fabric place mats = 2 sets of felted coasters, etc). This way, you still get the pleasure of giving handmade, but you change up the game just a little and keep it interesting.

Knit from your stash.

This is a "two birds, one stone" philosophy that I think many of you are following already. By checking your stash first before buying new yarn, fabric, or thread you may find some hidden gems, and eventually reduce that "other" stress we have when our hobbies get the best of us. If you don't find something in there that is just right for the gift occasion...switch it up and get started on something for you!

Cheering you on!


LizzieK8 said...

I really like the idea of knitting two at a time. Although I really like DPNs for socks, I sometimes do CO and knit them on two sets at the same time.

But the scarf one is a good idea and would break up the mind numbing endless knitting of one yarn/pattern.

Kim said...

I never even thought of doing two scarves at once. What a wonderful idea!

Deborah said...

Thanks for the encouragement and tips, Marce!