Monday, January 21, 2008

FO's complete Plus 1 QChallenge done!

Wow, I've been crocheting up a Storm here lately, but I am almost done with my January Projects list. I had to change out 1 item but did two or three in its place. Only leaves me 1 item left. Should get that out the way later today!

I also have 1 Quarterly Challenge done!

Beaded Jute Basket I changed out for Golden Fleece Felted Handbag. I have no jute and haven't had a chance to go through my macrame stuff to see if I could use something else in its place so hopefully my handbag can take its place. This was made with Cascade 220 in blue and Heather grays mix. I did make another Chevron Felted Bag also. I also made 3 corner dress bookmarks to help make up for the Basket I had to drop for now. This is one of the 3 I made.

Then I had Mary Jane slippers.. Did one in Homespun which worked out great and one in Bulky Bernat which I just Not sure those one will get given out, they are tight and more but they are done and that wipes that from my list. Because of picture heavy I'm only posting this one. Hope that's okay Marce?

I finally got my Welts, Beads & Popcorn (B4 look alike) felted and done. This I'm very happy with as I made my first time pocket inside. Came out great! I still need to figure what kind of buttons I will put on in between some of the beads..haven't decided yet if I will or not.
For my Quarterly Challenge I want to make myself an afghan but haven't figured out which pattern yet, its a cross between, but I made this Felted Kittie Cuddle for the other Challenge item. This thing was huge and this is not the whole pattern but it is surely too big for even both my cats..I even doubled up on the yarn so it would be more I have since folded down the sides as my one cat likes to lay right up against it and its not that strong to keep it from falling in. Seeings this sits on my dryer I know she won't mind mom helping her not to fall out.

So the Fat bottom bag is the only thing left for January list and then 1 afghan for the Challenge after deciding which one.
Hope I did this right and Thank you Marce for doing this Gift a long!! Think I'm having more trouble on deciding what to Everyone is doing such a great job too!! Love every one's projects!!
You all keep up the good work!!


Deborah said...

Great projects! Congrats on meeting the challenge, too. I think I'm going to have to learn how to crochet (did I say that before?)

Michelle said...

Hi, great to see another crocheter that likes to turn out lots of work! Where did you get that dress bookmark pattern please? That's gorgeous and I know a few people who would love them as gifts. xxx

LizzieK8 said...

Oh, I absolutely adore the little dress! Can you share the pattern?

KimT said...

WOW! Fantastic!

L'Tanya said...

Congratulations. I love the felted bag.

vegasangelbrat said...

Here's the link for the dress bookmark..

Thanks everyone:)