Sunday, January 27, 2008

Introduction and my List!

G'day my fellow gift-knitters!
fibo thinking hat (5)
My name's Sasha, or knit nutt on my blog and ravelry, and I am most pleased to make your knitterly acquaintance!

I am super thrilled to get stuck in to this Gift Along, but only wonder if I can restrain myself from gifting as soon as I've finished rather than saving and squirreling away for the designated occassion!

In anycase, getting the gifts actually knitted up at ALL is the first step, right? And with that in mind, here is my current List!
  1. Flowerbasket Shawl / maternal Gran / for love! / ASAP(by end Feb)
  2. Toe-up socks / Dad / belated Chrissie 07! / ASAP!!
  3. Soaker / Baby Bosko / because he's lovely / end of Feb
  4. Dish-Face-cloth / my cousins / Chrissie / late December
I'm sticking with just the four items at the moment, seeing as two of those (1 & 2) are already on the needles and I want them knitted up and gifted away as soon as I can! But I'd definately like to get a start on the other two - it's helpful to have them on the lsit so I can aim high, right?

Good lcuk and speedy needles to us all! But of course, our needles can be relaxed and enjoyable as well as speedy, for we are early gift knitters - hurrah!! =D


Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Hello, good to know I'm not the only belated 2007 gift knitter. :)

suzenew said...

I think that most of us are belated 2007 gifters (2 of my items are). That is one reason it is so great to be here!!

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Hurrah!! Welcome Sasha ! :)