Friday, January 4, 2008

January Gift List

Hey, it's KB! :)

This gift list is a WIP in itself, but wanted to get it posted. :)

1) Fiber Trends Felt Clogs, Women's Large (Men's small actually)/Don/Christmas. (Obviously late, but I haven't seen them since the holidays anyway so not late yet really! teehee) 40% completed. I am going to post a deadline on this of January 11, but that could change. Definitely this month. Berroco Ultra Alpaca, potting soil and fern.

2) Fiber Trends Felt Clogs, Women's Medium/Anne Marie (Don's wife)/Christmas. These are actually 98% done, used them for my class, but need to sew the seams on clog 2. Malabrigo and Cascade 220.

3) Prayer shawl for Rosemary for death in family, deadline ASAP. This is an ongoing project due to the holidays. It's about 30% done. KP's Suri Dream Handpaints.

4) Socks for ME because I deserve it. :) Cherry Tree Hill in Peacock, magic loop, toe-up, garter rib. Deadline: I'm going to put the 30th, but would like them done sooner and while it's still chilly! :)

5) Kenobi Jacket, ME, because I need it. Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Pea Soup Mix. Deadline: While it's still cold! Have to finish the fronts and 1-1/2 sleeves.

Wishing everyone a happy new year and happy stressless knitting!!!!! :)

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Gnat said...

You sure do deserve some socks!!! and a Jacket. I like that idea about putting in the gifts you knit for yourself. Good luck!!!!