Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January Knitting

Hi. Thanks for running this KAL. I always plan to knit presents for birthdays etc. but always run out of time. This Gift-A-Long will help me keep on track!

My plans for gifts for this month are:

1. FunFetti Cable Ensemble for my husband as part of his birthday present. Finish by Monday 14th!
Completed 13/01

2. Cat toys for a friend's cats. Finish by end of January & send them off then. Completed January 20th
3. Keyhole Rib Scarf. Towards Christmas presents. Finish by end of January.Completed 19th January
4. 1 Coffee Cozy. Again for a Christmas present. Finish by end of January. Completed January 23rd
5. 1 pair of socks for my husband for Valentine's Day. Finish by 14th February.

1 comment:

BrownBerry said...

Great list!! How's the ensemble coming?