Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January List!

It's officially January, so here's my list for this month:

  • Monkey socks / Mom / Mom's birthday / March
  • Baby set (booties, hat, sweater) / Baby / April
  • Yoga bag / MIL / MIL's birthday / March
  • 2 socks for 2008 holiday advent calendar / December
I want to use this idea of spacing out gift knitting throughout the year to enable me to do some holiday decoration knitting as well! I really want to do one of those sock advent calendars so I figure 2 a month will get me there :)

ETA: Sock Advent Calendar information! I got the idea from Anny Purls who got the idea from Martha Stewart via Whip Up!

Isn't it adorable? I think I'm going to do something different for the numbers, but I love the idea! I was thinking about having the socks hang from a banner or similar that would have the numbers on them. Also, no second sock syndrome if you don't care about making pairs :)

Thanks so much for this most inspirational KAL!



LizzieK8 said...

Oh, share more information about the sock advent calendar!

Deborah said...

The sock advent calendar is just adorable! Looking forward to seeing yours progress.

lpg said...

oh dear... looks like I'll be adding a sock advent calendar to my 'to do' list!


vegasangelbrat said...

Those are really cute! hmmm think our lists will be growing month by month...lol