Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kimberli's Jan/Feb Gift List-Up and Running!

Hi all,

Hope everyone is knitting happily as the month rolls on by. This is my first post and I'm pleased to be apart of the group.

My main goal: to queue up my projects to justify all my stash purchases of late! My main weakness: the love of casting on new projects that then slowly disappear into the depths of my bag, to be finished (or not) at a much later date. Not this year! Did I mention I also have "commitment" phobia and fall prey to perpetual indecisiveness? Hopefully participating in the Year Long Gift-A-Long will help me embrace and overcome these foibles, and make me a more productive knitter!

So here goes:

Jan/Feb List

1. Mom's Gorgeously Soft Alpaca Wrap/My Mother/Birthday/Mar 19: My first real "splurge" project in Joseph Geller's Alpaca Tweed. Mom's been hinting for a while now that she'd like a little something in alpaca. It took a bit of testing but at the moment the pattern is a Basket Cable. Still in the swatching stage but hope to cast on before week's end.

2. Jordi's Soho Orange Scarf/Son/Just Because He Asked-Valentine's Day/Feb 14: A project to justify my January Stash Splurges. It's in Debbie Bliss Soho in melon/orange tones. I've committed my self to an Irish Moss Stitch pattern, which seems to work well with the thick/think nature of the yarn.

3. Megan's Ice Creamy Scarf/Sister/Valentine's Day/Feb 14: I confess, this is a bit of a cheat...actually started this as a Christmas Gift but didn't quite get it done. So now it's rechristened as a Valentine's Day trinket! It's nearly done and originally intended to go with a hot pink down vest Megan found on sale at a ridiculously low price. She's not a hot-pink kinda gal and doesn't have a single scarf to match, but it was just too good a buy to pass up.

And finally,

4. Mosey's (Scarf or Hat)/Niece/Valentine's Day/Feb 14: Not sure exactly what I'm doing for her yet, either a cute hat or scarf like Jordi's. Yarn will be the Soho in a different colorway - either the Berry Sorbet or Pinks (she's going through her very girly-pink-princess stage at the moment).

Whew...enough! I have more planned than I realized. Better get knitting! Happy needles everyone,



lpg said...

we must both be afflicted with the same curse when it comes to finishing projects! I'm usually shocking...

but this GAL has really inspired me to finish the projects I start, and I feel so much better for doing it!

hope it helps you in the same way ;)


Marce aka BrownBerry said...

This is a great start Kimberli!
We're cheering you on to great finishing!