Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally, my first post!

Ok, here I am finally to share my knit list for January. I don't list recipients 'cause I rarely know who something is for. I just like knitting stuff.. and this knit along will help me knit more stuff. (and I'll have some nice gifts to give away :D)

1. Odessa by Grumperina - done!
2. Fingerless mitts (my generic pattern)- 50% done
3. Periwinkle Beret - by Grumperina (not sure I'll finish this in January, but I'm hoping)

That's it!

Thanks, Marce, for this!!!!


Marce aka BrownBerry said...

Great jog on a finish already!

You don't have to finishe the items by the end of January; you can set deadlines in the future, the key is not to let each month's gift list be longer than you can finish.

Cheering you on!!

Sira said...

Go, Saffron, go! You can do it. :-)
Nice list, especially the Odessa hat. This pattern is sooo beautiful.