Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learning the ropes

Many thanks to Marceline for inviting me to join the blog. This is my first list, and it may well change as I get used to how things work.
1.Baby cardigans for Ang and Rich expecting their first offspring in May. I'd like to be able to have these done by the end of Janaury to give them in person, but as long as it's done before baby arrives, that's OK!
2. and 3. I have a handmade gift to make for Rachael and Jill. They have a long deadline - end of the year. I can't say what they will be yet, either of them may read this blog.....
4. This is a sort of set - I have 6/7 small gifts to make for Christmastime for my UBS ladies - not sure what yet, probably something warm for winter.

Great to be here - I'm off to start planning now - first update on the last working day of the month ;) Jacky

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Marce aka BrownBerry said...

Welcome Jacky - you're off to the right start by committing some of these to writing. Glad to have you!