Thursday, January 17, 2008

First List from Down Under

Hi, I think this is a fantastic idea and look forward to seeing everyone's progress. Sorry mine's a little late starting.

1. Scarf - birthday gift - January 31st
2. Dishcloth set - birthday gift - January 31st
3. Afghan - Christmas gift - January 31st
4. Pram blanket - Christmas gift - February 30th
5. Easter basket - January 31st

I hope I'm doing this right, I'm a bit unsure whether we're supposed to get five done each month and how it works with the long-term projects.


Marce aka BrownBerry said...

Hi Michelle!! You've started off exactly right. The 5 item limit is mainly to keep our lists manageable. you don't have to finish any one item in a month, but each month you should re-examine the list to see what needs to be added, moved, or changed.

Your list looks great, and if you finish the Afghan or the Pram blanket by end of March, you'll be entered for prizes in the Quarterly Challenge.

KimT said...

ooooooo, looking forward to seeing your progress. I really want to see that PRAM Blanket!

KnittinChick said...

WOW! I'm impressed by the afghan along with other items. Make sure you post your pictures. It sounds fabulous.