Thursday, January 31, 2008

My February List, by Deborah

I finished my four January gifts a week or so ago, and have been focusing since then on my Nantucket Jacket. I usually knit a lot for myself anyway, but it has been especially nice to knit something for me knowing that I already have some gifts made up.

I'm keeping my list fairly short again because I want to focus on my sweater. I want to be able to wear it before warm weather arrives. If I can make two small gifts a month by participating in this GAL I'll be very happy. So in Februrary I will:

1. Sew retro apron and potholders/Nov b'day/
2. Knit Cabled Headband (from The Knitters' Book of Yarn)/Christmas '08/for unknown recipient.
3. Knit a pair of toddler socks from leftovers to donate to Warm Woolies.

#3 is a bi-monthly goal of mine. I only started knitting socks last year and don't have too many leftovers yet. I was inspired by an essay on Cast On recently to use up leftovers on a regular basis to knit warm things for people who really need them. It will keep me from accumulating yarn I'll never use while at the same time helping someone in a very small way.

I am really inspired by seeing pictures of everyone's FOs! Keep up the good work, y'all!


Sydney said...

I totally want to see that apron....I have been retro lately.

Sasha said...

Great idea Deborah! I think I need to keep shorter moe realistic lists! And the socks for Warm Woolies is a great idea too - giving a gift bi-monthly to folks who really REALLY need it :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

charity knitting is a true gift

congratulations for committing to a regular donation to a worthwhile cause, while doing something you love