Saturday, January 19, 2008

My List for January/February

Okay, I am SO excited to have found this Gift-a-Long!!! I have a hope that this will help to keep me on track!!! At any rate, here is my list for what I hope to get done....
Palette Scarf from Knitty....for my best friend's birthday(1/19...zoiks!) I'm shooting to get this finished and out by the 31st!
Sheldon the Turtle from Knitty( Winter 2006) for a friend's baby (due 2/14)
Baby Bog Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman for my nephew's baby (due Feb.?)

So far that's where I'm at.....I know I will be adding more next month but this is what I am working on right now!!!

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Marce aka BrownBerry said...


I don't recognize your blog name of Monacular; please send me an email so I know how your name appears in the sidebar.