Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My February list....EDITED 2/2

Okay, so I've been putting it off, but gotta get it up...

1. Finish Steelers baby blanket for Renee's baby. I *badly* need to finish this, just gotta find the time -- she's due in three weeks!!

2. Socks for Hannah. My sister Hannah requested socks in a "puke" orange color. I guess she meant that in a good way. Anyhow, since her birthday was two weeks ago, it'll be a Christmas present.Didn't like this month's sock pattern for Hannah, have to wait till next month!

2. Streaming Leaves Eye Pillow for Barb (bf's mom), birthday is in October. I got some linen yarn that I've never used before and I'm looking forward to it.

3. Scarf for Amy. My boyfriend's brother's girlfriend requested a hand-made scarf at Christmas time, and I have yet to begin. Since at this point I probably won't have it done before it gets warm, I guess it will be a Christmas present!

4. Second baby blanket for Renee. Did I mention she was having twins? So I would *like* to make two blankets, if I can ever find the time. But I don't want this to get out of control...if I can get it done by the end of March that would be fine.

5. Purse for Whitney (my other sister) for Christmas. I picked the pattern out a long time ago, and never started it. Maybe if I get to it in advance she'll actually get it this year!

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