Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Updated List

Ok, so I posted my first list a few days ago thinking of Christmas, welllllllll, my son and one of my best friends have birthdays. TODAY! Why wasn't I thinking of the present? (No pun intended).

So - New list:

  1. Capitan Hat - for coworker who had a birthday last week - I'm casting on tonight, should be done by the weekend
  2. Scarf for GF's birthday - hoping to incorporate the Foliage pattern as I made her a hat for Christmas - I will knit this after the hat
  3. Last - My son is 10 today! I picked up some yarn for Fuzzy Feet for him - to knit after the scarf
  4. Oops - one more. I already have 2 at a time socks on the needles for my youngest. These are being knit to try the technique and because I love him!
Sorry for the entirely new list. My other list will carry on.

Happy knitting!


YarnMouse said...

Oh, are the two at a time socks the ones where you knit one inside the other? I've been wanting to try those. I'm thinking they may be on my February list, too! :)

Julie said...

The socks are from the book "2 at a time Socks" the process uses a 40" circular and you knit them side by side. It's great!