Wednesday, January 16, 2008

nearly done!


I love the momentum that this group has generated for me... I have set very clear goals, complete with deadlines - and as a result, my productivity has gone through the roof... gotta love that

I have completed my 4th FO

healing wrap for my mum... just 'cause I love her

it's a clapotis, worked in cotton (since wool products bother her skin)

to be honest, I was disappointed with the look of the finished product, but it is comfortable and practical


my final item for january was to be a pair of socks... these are temporarily on hold

instead I will work on a lace swap item I need to complete for a fellow woolaholics member


BrownBerry said...

I am so glad that you are making this WORK for you - Clapotis looks so fabulous. Well done!

KimT said...

great job! looks wonderful