Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New member!

Hi my name is Hayley and my personal blog is

My gift list for the coming year is:

Brittneys blanket (half done)
Devyns blanket (1 block done, need more yarn)
My blanket (Started Wool Ease)
Aryns blanket (Vannas Choice)
Bradys blanket (Ripple Vannas Choice)
Brianas babette (Red heart 24 small squares in)
Mikayla (sampler afghan)
Parker (undetermined blanket)

But my main gift goal for this month is to finish Brittneys blanket. That is 3 skeins a week each skein is 128 yards.That shouldn't be to hard! I'm hoping not, I really want to keep this low key and not have it get totally out of hand. I didn't knit much for this past Christmas but 7 afghans for next Christmas....I'm glad I'm starting now!


BrownBerry said...

You can do it Hayley! And this lit is a great start, it will help to keep the goal in sight!

lpg said...

oh my goodness... so many blankets!

you're a good girl for getting started early... I have my fingers crossed for you


LizzieK8 said...

Seven afghans? You're a better person than I! I like the smaller scale projects. That "instant" gratification thing, you know!