Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Morri's Gift List, 1st quarter.

Hi, I'm Jessica. Now that you know that, call me Morri or Morrighan... too many of me otherwise.

I'm 22, 6 months pregnant, and a Ravelry addict...

For my first few months of the year, most of my crafting will be focused on Kahlan, who is due to arrive March 25th.

So my to knit list looks somewhat longish, but with a bit of flexibility.

1. Baby Wrap Sweater. For Kahlan. All I have left to do is sew on ties and weave in ends. Finish by Jan 5.
2. 86-10 Headband by DROPS design (aka Panta). For me, Rav One Skein KAL project. Finish by Jan 15.
3. Fuzzy Baby Sweater from One Skein Wonders. For Kahlan. Finish by Jan 31.
4. Cable Panel Gloves. For me. If I have time, and can get the right needles. Finish by Jan 31.

5. Police Tape Scarf. For my DH Rickey. Finish by Valentine's Day.
6. Pinwheel Baby Blanket. For Kahlan. Finish by Valentine's Day. (Hopefully)
7. (One Skein KAL Feb Project) Finish by Feb 28.
8. Circular Poncho. For my cousin Tiffany. It's only 2 years late... Finish by Feb 28.

9. iCutie by So KnitPicky. 2 copies, 1 for Kahlan, 1 for Kambry. Finish by DDay. (Delivery Day)
10. Sew ring sling and pouch style sling for Kahlan. Finish by DDay.
11. Baby booties, mittens, and zip up hooded sack. You know, the big warm thing that covers all but her face. For Kahlan. Finish by DDay.

And my ongoing project will be the baby sock advent calendar someone mentioned earlier. But mine will be 12 socks and 12 mini-sweaters.


BrownBerry said...

Well done Morri! You've got the quarter covered, now only the knitting and sewing are left ;)

LizzieK8 said...

What fun! We'll get regular updates on the pregnancy and eventual birth, right? My kids are all done having kids for awhile or maybe forever.... I love reading about the whole thing.

Are you going to make soakers? I used them on my kids and adored them!