Saturday, January 12, 2008

Newbie and 4 FO's and Quartly Challenge

Hi everyone! I saw this a few weeks ago and thought WOW! This would be a great incentive to get my Christmas knitting done. I have loved seeing everyones finishes and I will post my list shortly. I think there's around 25 things on it (not counting all the scarves I have been knitting).

Here are some photos of three of the scarves I have finished. I am half way through number 5 as well.

Happy Knitting! Leigh Ann


YarnMouse said...

Great scarves. But OH, that sewing machine!!! Wow! It's a beauty! Wanna make that my Christmas present? ;) Seriously, though, love the scarves! :)

feralmama said...

Great job! And I love that powdery blue. Doesnt it seem like we are seeing a lot more blue in designs and yarn lately? I wonder if its the new "it" colour this year?

Leigh Ann said...

Thank you yarnmouse and feralmama. I believe light blue and brown are the colours for this year if I remember right from seeing in the clothing stores.

I had my daughter's teacher in mind for that one but ended up giving her a nice beige one instead.