Sunday, January 13, 2008

5th FO

I just finished FO number 5 tonight. Nothing like a good murder mystery to get the knitting needles clicking. I started a scarf tonight and finished it. This one was knitted in Radiant pink (the last 4 have been knitted in Radiant as well).

They were to be Christmas gifts last year and might be this year for the teachers. Unless the kids get male teachers! lol

I will post my list later as I want to knit some heart dish cloths for Valentines Day. My sister has said she would take some scarves and dish cloths to her work to see if anyone wants any.

Well the movie is back on! Ohh! I am watching the Jane Doe mysteries on the Hallmark channel.

Here's the photos of the recently finished scarves.


Jadielady said...

I love the old singer :) My mom has one as well.

Leigh Ann said...

Thank you! I thought I'd use it to show off the scarves. They look better on that than on my couch.