Monday, January 14, 2008

On the needles

... and I can't say that I just have one pair. LOL! The big knits are usually done when I have my hands free - sweaters and stuff I mean. When Wietse is playing and I have time I knit a few rows. They are coming along nicely.

But when Wietse is tired, I can't have big needles in my hands. Then bamboo comes into place. I started a new pair of socks - a little lace work - in Panda Wool. Alexa loves the pattern, so I think this would make a good start for the quarterly challenge and knit them up for her for Sinterklaas (Dec. 5) Wietse is at the moment asleep on my lap - he is a quick one, as with almost 10 months he is pulling himself up to stand. Soon I really have my hands full with him LOL!

1 comment:

BrownBerry said...

We do have to make room for our darling little ones amongst all the fiber don't we? Wonderful to hear of your progress...