Monday, January 14, 2008

Angie's January Update. 2 FO's & accepting the First quarterly challenge!!

Well so far so good, am actually making progress , this gift a long sure does keep you focused, am loving setting my self goals!! so progress so far is:

finish broad ripple socks for Annie FINISHED!!
finish mini skull tote for sis: FINISHED!!!
finish branching out scarf for Julia: STILL IN PROGRESS HALF WAY THERE.
knit 1 pr socks for sock it to me pal: 1 DOWN 1 TO GO.
knit 1 calorimetry for me: NOT STARTED YET.

But in addition have made 6 sets of stitch markers, 5 SETS for the stitch marker exchange and 1 as a gift for a swap pal which will be sent out in her package later this month. Also FINISHED my Booga bag which has been in my basket waiting to be felted for ages, so have actually got that done too!! AND... have completed 1 wave ripple mitt the other to be completed this month too, this is a CHRISTMAS 2008 GIFT!!! The first gift for the first quarterly challenge!!
Few best go, socks to knit.............

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BrownBerry said...

2 stars for your Angie!! Well done :) Keep up that momentum, it will pay off in the end!