Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pheelya's January Update

Here is an update on my January goals. I am so jealous of all of you that have so many completed items already! Next month I need to think of smaller projects!! *laugh*

So here goes my January goals!

1. Waves Scarf - Sister - La Befana - January 6th moved to January 31st due to yarn shortage! I'm up to 26"!

2. Fairy Blanket - niece - finishing from Christmas - January 31st

3. Christening blanket - Madelyn - baby gift - January 31st
All the pieces are complete, not comes the dreaded seaming!! *ugg*


I'm also adding the following items to my list:

4. WhoDuKnit Mystery KAL - not sure for who - Christmas 2008 - January 31st

WhoDuKnit Mystery knit

5. Secret of the Stole ii KAL - probably me - ?? - March (I think it's a 9 week KAL with a weekly clue)

Skacel Merino Lace

You case see more details on my blog or Ravelry.


lpg said...

that christening blanket is truly divine... congratulations

Marce aka BrownBerry said...

Your projects in progress are stunning! As for seaming, maybe if you just tell yourself you'll do a certain amount each day from now until 1/31, it will seem more manageable (smaller chunks to complete).

You can do it!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, beautiful projects! I love the Christening blanket. Stunning.

Deborah said...

Wow - you do have large projects on your list. But they are all gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely beautiful - all of it! The christening blanket is just incredible. Lucky baby!

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow, lovely cables!! Keep on, your doing great so far! Beautiful projects you have picked out!

Kimberli said...

Love, love the wavey cables! Can't wait to see it's progress.

Right now I'm into this type of cable-using something similar for my mother's scarf. It looks so intimidating until you break it down and knit it up! But the results are truly lovely.

You're a busy knitter! Needles are a flyin' at your house.