Thursday, January 3, 2008

quick intro and January goals

Hello! I'm Joslyn, SAHM of 2 young children. I'm on ravelry as jayamaree!

I have a super long list of things I want to make this year for xmas. I'm really trying to work through my stash and spend less money on xmas.

For this month I want to finish the cable throw for the living room (this is ME project, although if I like how it comes out I can see doing another for a gift). This will probably take me until the end of the month. If I do get it done, and I don't feel like my hands are going to fall off I'll work on something from my massive list of stuff I'd like to get done for next xmas.

So that is my goal for the month, a gift to me! I hope that's okay!

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lpg said...

that cable throw is gorgeous! nice choice