Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Renee's January List

What a wonderful idea for a knit-a-long!  I know I was up until the wee small hours finishing gifts in 2007 and I don't want to do it again in 2008. 

Here's my January list.  I am going to Atlanta in a few weeks and I'll be exchanging Christmas gifts with extended family then.

1. Hat and scarf set/ Great Aunt Anita/ 90th Birthday-late Christmas gift/January 20th.  I started the Gretel hat yesterday and I hope to find a similar scarf pattern to go with it.  Any ideas?

2. Hat and scarf set/ Grandpa Bernard/ late Christmas gift/ January 20th.  Grandpa is Aunt Anita's little brother.  They still have sibling rivalry so what I do for one I have to do for the other.  The scarf is a simple striped garter stitch scarf and the hat is the 11th Hour Hat.  I just have to weave the ends in on the scarf and start the hat.

3.  Placemat set / Auntie Debbie/ late Christmas gift/ January 20th.  The pattern is out of Simple Gifts to Stitch.

Wish me luck!


Deborah said...

Thanks for posting the link to the sewing book. I am getting back into sewing and this is the kind of book I've been looking for. Best of all, my library has it!

Gretel is such a great pattern. I made one from Malabrigo as a gift and have been looking for some more Malabrigo so I can make it for myself. If you find a scarf pattern to go with it, please post it. I would love to have a set myself.

Carol said...

That Gretal pattern is really pretty. For the scarf why don't you try turning it into a reversable rib. The basic trick is to work a k1p1 rib, crossing two stitches for every one in the one-sided pattern. When you swatch you may also find that you want to elongate the pattern somewhat by adding more plain rows in between the crossing rows.

Good luck