Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Treiga's gift list for Jan 2008

I don't have too many on my list. Mostly because they are going to be more time consuming. But here is what I have so far:

Bag for Crystal(pal o'mine) birthday - need to finish by March 1, 2008
Bag for Amy (my sissy) birthday - need to finish by March 1, 2008
Wristlet 2 for Christmas presents (to get at least the knitting done by 01-31-2008

The wristlets are going to be of my own design. Probably just some stockinette squares with zippers and little i-cord handles. Just big enough to hold some change and a CC or lipgloss. I want to add zippers in but we will see!;)

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LizzieK8 said...

Be sure to share the blow by blow on the wristlets! Some of us may want to copy! :)