Monday, January 21, 2008

Update and a Small Change

Okay, I had a slight change of plans... My washcloth and soap sack sets - meant for a Valentines gift for my mom - were preempted by my sons' need for Thorpe hats to combat this frigid weather we've been having. Duty called, and you know, when the duty involves Malabrigo Chunky it's just too hard to to resist!

Thorpe #1 for Boy #1:

Thorpe #2 for Boy #2:

Here is the first half of my January goal washcloth set - the second half, a round petal cloth, is now a WIP and should be done soon:

So, without further ado, here is my revised list for January:
1) Baby Bib n Burp sets: 3 complete, done
2) Bathtime Blossoms cloth and soap sack sets: moved to February
3) Other cloth set: 1/2 set complete, will finish by 1/31
4) Two Thorpe hats: done (lol)


Deborah said...

Great looking hats! They must be very soft and toasty due to the Malabrigo.

KimT said...

You called an audible for the sake of your son, awesome. Great items!

suzenew said...

The hats look terrific and very warm and the wash cloth is very elegant.