Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, I'm making progress. And I think I just might make it!

*The Tudora is knitted and just waiting to have it's ends tucked and button sewn on. This will be much easier to accomplish once I purchase the button this afternoon.
*Calorimetry had issues. Even though my daughter has a rather large head, it wasn't that large! So I frogged it and started over with smaller needles. (Swatches?!? We don't need no stinking swatches!!!)
*The baby blanket is finished and waiting for Tudora so I can do one photo shoot for both.
*The CAL afghan is still going strong and is on track to be finished by Thursday.
*And I haven't even thought about the dishcloth. But they work up fast, right? Right?!? LOL!


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CarolB said...

I wouldn't assume that your guage is the issue. My LYS KAL for this project is finding that Calorimetry is generally oversized. I'm not doing it, but from what I've overheard the short rows are laid out so that fixing the width automatically corrects the length.