Friday, January 4, 2008

Yeah! I finished my January Dishcloths

I finished my Jan d/c....'luv bug' and started a scarf, but don't think my mom's going to like it. The Seafoam Stitch from ''. I found the alphabet patterns on which are dishcloths. I think I'll like knitting these cause I bought myself a birthday purse, large, to carry my knitting. I started my Feb d/c coffee cup from ''. Got to go, the kids made dinner. Life today is good.

thanks for the comments. very encouraging................once I figure out how to link and upload my pics I'll attach the FO's. :) this blog stuff is new to me. cheers


Jennifer said...

I just saw the luv bug pattern and want to make it as a washcloth for one of my boys! It's so cute :)

Anonymous said...

I just checked the seafoam stitch. I think its lovely :)

BrownBerry said...

Way to go Barbara! You're off to a great start!! :)