Friday, January 4, 2008

YAY an FO!

I finished a scarf for my friend, which was meant to be a Christmas present.
I just realized, while I talked about why I was excited about the Giftalong (baby count now up to 11), I never set my goals for January.
Don't think is fair to include something I've just finished... so:
1. Thomas' scarf. I'm using a pattern I got off a ball band for another kind of yarn, it makes it diagonal...
2. At least one baby hat. 1 baby boy due in February and 2 in March, so getting a head start is a GOOD idea.
3. Start on one baby blanket. Going to do blankets for my closer friends, and hats for others. 1 closer friend's baby is due in July, the other in August - so I want to go ahead and get started on one.

I think that's enough for January, since that doesn't include things I want to knit for myself etc :)

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