Saturday, February 16, 2008

February Finished Gifts - Not on my list

The Good News: I have a couple finished objects for February!
The Bad News: They're not on my gift list for February. - I know, this isn't really "Bad News".

While on a recent trip to Salt Lake City to visit family, I was able to finish a couple Caloriemetry's for my Grandmother, Aunt and Mom. I wore my Caloriemetry snowshoeing with my Aunt received a lot of complements (It is a cute little headband). We were all out shopping and came across a cute little yarn shop (how lucky!) where I was able to purchase the supplies to knit up a couple. I finished my Grandmothers in time to give her before I left, and I almost finished my Aunt's (I completed the last row at the airport waiting for my plane home). This is a great Last minute gift and/or Stash project! Lots of fun. The above picture is the Caloriemetry I knit for my grandmother.


Jennifer said...

Nice Calorimetry! I love that pattern - had to make some major mods on mine, but it was so worth it. Yours looks great :) I'm sure your family will be thrilled with them!

Sasha said...

Excellent! Looks great in that yarn :) I have some calorimetries in mind for my de-stashing, present knitting this year too!