Monday, February 4, 2008

february list

so i'm behind as usual! i have some rollovers from january (surprise!) and still haven't figured out anything for my Q1 challenge! meh! Here's the list, though:

1) Socks for Sockapalooza.... yes, that's right, I said Sockapalooza.... you know, the thing the deadline was like 4 months ago for? I never finished and lost contact with my recipient (it's a long sob story and I'll post deets about that on my blog when they are finished, for now, know I really feel like crap about it) but recently found her and also found out she didn't receive savior socks. Thankfully, she is like the sweetest and most patient woman EVER. On the slim chance she is a member of the GAL, I am not going to provide details except that sock one is 70% done and this is DEFINITELY a must-do for February, really #1 priority. Yarn: Conjoined Creations Flat Feet (I told her that part already) ;-)

2) Fiber trends felt clogs (Half rollover), 2 pairs, women's medium and men's small. Women's medium 100% complete (pics soon hopefully), men's small 50%. I guess I actually did finish something for January! WOOT! But yeah, they are Christmas presents. UN-WOOT! ;-) Yarn: Mix of Malabrigo and Cascade 220.

4) Rollovers that are for me anyway: Kenobi Jacket in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Pea Soup. Only a few rows done since last post, ME ME ME monkey socks which have been in hibernation because of #1 (the guilt from making them actually is what inspired me to find my Sockapalooza lady).

5) New gifts for me since the Yarn Gallery went out of business and I spent entirely too much money on yarn: Earnshaw from Simply Noro in Kochoran Color 10, 20%, no deadline really.

6) Mother's Day Socks. Yarn: Regia Bamboo Color Color 1069 (sea color). Pattern: Haven't decided, but nothing fancy. Due: Mother's day for the mommy (don't tell her they have wool in them!!!!)

7) Los Monos Locos socks for Beff, due date: birthday May 30th. Yarn: (Not stashed yet) Shibui Knits Roppongi

8) Design swatches for book submission (3) Swatches are done 100%, but need to be washed and blocked, photographed, etc. I am putting them on the list to hold myself accountable. ;-) I have like a week left. Yarns: Rowan Felted Tweed and Cascade Fixation Effects Actually, I am going to go soak them RIGHT NOW.

I think I might be missing the point of the GAL, but I hope to get everything together this month! Happy February knitting, all!!!! :)

-kb out

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