Monday, February 4, 2008

February update

I've finished my first item on my gift list, so I'm starting an FO list and moving it to that one. I'm also updating my to do list:


1. Nakiska / sister-in-law / Christmas / December
2. French Market Bag / co-worker / Birthday / May 31
3. Hazy Paves Scarf / mom / Christmas / December 15
4. Felted Clogs / Dad / Christmas / December 15
5. Baby prayer afghan / Friend's grandbaby, Shelby / to celebrate her birth / February 29


1. Calorimetry / sister-in-law / Christmas / December - FO!


Sydney said...

I am doing those clogs too. I am trying to decide on what yarn....heard good things about cascade 202, what I was wondering about either eco wool (which I am in love with) or a knitpicks option (to keep cost down)....what yarn are you going to use?

vegasangelbrat said...

I'm with you on the clogs too, but mine will be in crochet :-)
Nice job on the Calorimetry, love the blue!

laughing purple goldfish said...

I love the blue, too!

beautiful work

KnittinChick said...

The Nakiska is named after a great place less than an hour from where I live. Maybe this is meant to be inspiration for other Canadians as well:-)

Love the blue calorimetry... good fit and pretty colour

LeAnn said...

I just cast on the clogs. A knitting pal and I are doing our first paid together as a KAL. I'm using Patons Classic Merino. I used that for the French Market Bag a couple of weeks ago and it really felted well.

Thanks for the feedback on the Calorimetry. Maybe I'll give it to my sister-in-law after all (although my 9-year-old has her eye on it).