Monday, February 4, 2008

February’s list for this Newbie

Hi Everyone! Love all the projects you have completed and you are all an inspiration!!!!

My list for February is:

The Bag...Avacado...for my Auntie
The Bag...Black...for me...Late birthday gift :o)
Pinwheel Baby Blanket...for Grandbaby due in March
Baby Sweater...for Grandbaby Due in March
Secret Washcloth for Christmas 2008. If I tell you what washcloth it is then the person I am making it for will for sure know they are for him/her. :o) I hope to finish at least one washcloth a month this year.

Ok, that is my February list. Now I must get knitting.....:o)
Thanks for the inspiration!
Shannon B

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KnittinChick said...

An avacado bag sounds intriguing. I like the idea of one dishcloth per month. I had a couple for Christmas and ended up giving them to someone who had just started knitting and was going through a divorce.