Sunday, February 3, 2008

Leigh's February List

A Happy Ground Hog Day to all! We went up to see Wiarton Willie yesterday for my duaghter's birthday (she's a ground hog baby) and he didn't see his shadow and we heard Phill didn't neither. So an early spring. But what happened to winter? We really haven't had much.

My goal this month is to knit 5 more items or more. Whether its scarves or dishcloths for a craft show or to get some Christmas gifts done. I have to still catalogue one more tote of yarn than I can post how much I actually own. Its alot and I plan to knit some of it up this year.

Another goal is to knit some preemie hats for a yarn shop in town and use up some of the arcylic yarns I have. I just have to get there and get the patterns. I think I knitted one last year but it was almost at the end of the month and they were being shipped out a week later.

I also took 4 balls of yarn back to Zellers last week and Ihave frogged a sweater I started for my daughter. I wasn't that far into it so I can now use that yarn for soemthing else. Not sure what.
So..... February

5 knitted projects and some preemie hats.

At this time I have actually knitted 3 items for Feburary too. I finished a scarf on Feb 1 and I have made 2 heart dishcloths. So I know I will be able to complete the task by the end of the month. But if its a month like last.. than the knitting will be done at the start of the month and other life will take the last few weeks. January turned out to be a busy month and I think February will be too and its a short month.

Happy Knitting!

Leigh Ann


laughing purple goldfish said...

wow! you are getting yourself so organised... it feels good to be in control, doesn't it?

I was the same as you last month... got the gifts done early and then got busy with other commitments

now I have to get myself back into 'the zone'

Leigh Ann said...

I find when I am at the in-laws I can just knit and knit but when I get home its housework and laundry and running the kids here and there.

Might have to have another trip or two this month to get more of my projects done! hehe