Saturday, February 2, 2008

My February Goals

This month will a short list since I have a shawl KAL coming up and I really want to get this one finished. I have major issues with finishing large projects. My list will mostly be small things for this month.

1. Teddy Bear
2. Another Duckie
3. Dishcloths....several of these
4. Scarf for me (I hope anyway) :)

My toys will mostly be from my new book...Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Animals
If you knit toys...these are so cute. It's my newest addiction.

melanie aka lilknitter

Update 02/21/08

1. Finished two teddy bears instead of just one.
2. Second duck is OTN now.
3. Finished several dishcloths already and another OTN.
4. Scarf will be taking a backseat...just found I can knit socks and finished my first pair for my youngest daughter. She loves them.

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laughing purple goldfish said...

I love jean greenhowe's designs...

I have made so many of them over the years... the attention to detail is magnificent

the only down side, is that I don't like the time it takes to sew all those pieces together... so I have a few unfinished ones here

actually, you have inspired me to finish them as one of my feb gifts

thanks :)